5 Things Every Website Owner Should Do If They Don’t Want To Lose Customers

download (28)No doubt, customers are always considered as a king. Every business wants to attract customers as much as possible, to expand their business. For this, they always try to design an eye-catching website that quickly grabs the attention of the customer. However, an attractive design is not only enough to grab their attention, for, this you have to think out-of-the-box and a step forward from your competitors. Here is a list of top 5 things every website owner should do if they don’t want to lose customers, so, have a look below and implement them in your strategy.

Upgrade your business listing: If you actually want to retain the interest of your customers, so, the very first thing you need to do is upgrade or add your business listing on high ranked websites that have the capability to drive more traffic to your website.

Start Facebook marketing: No doubt, Facebook is one of the best ways to reach new audiences and to get in touch with your existing customers. It’s because every second person on this planet is using this social media platform and it

How to Select the Best Logo Designing Company

images (10)Are you looking for a logo for your company?

Logos can be quite tricky at times; no matter how many efforts you put in making one all by yourself, there are times when you end up in frustration. The reason is simple – you are not a professional designer; it is not as easy as it seems. After all, you can’t have a design representing your company, just by drawing a few lines or having a curvy alphabet.

This is exactly where professionals come into the picture. If you want to have the best picture, word or design to represent your business, you must search for the best company for your needs. Here are some of the tips that you need to remember to get the most wonderful designer for yourself:

· Check the experience of the company: If a company has been recommended to you, the first thing that you need to do is check its experience. If it has served a lot of clients in the past, it can give the best services to you, as well.

· Find out for how long has

New Trends and New Opportunities in Web Design

images (11)Websites need to be designed to impress. Latest design trends such as vertical patterns, material design inspired interfaces and slide style sites are growing in popularity.

Here are some of the trends that have emerged and will prevail in the future too:

Vertical patterns and scrolling

With more and more people using mobile phones as the single point of access to the internet, vertical pattern designs are becoming more and more popular. Mobile traffic exceeds the desktop traffic and more and more websites will need to be designed with a vertical flow. The vertical scroll was almost extinct until the need for mobile websites emerged. Mobile websites need a lot of vertical scrolling if all the content needs to be accommodated.

Card style interfaces

Card style interfaces are becoming more and more popular as they are make your layout look clear and neat. Another major advantage of card style layouts is that they can be made to fit all screen sizes, as the screen size reduces, they can be made to stack one above the other. This makes them more suitable for responsive designs.

Video style headers

Video clips are

Why User Experience Is Important in Web Design

download (27)Years ago you could simply throw together any old website and it would serve its purpose and make your business money, but fast forward to 2016 and the web is much more complicated. The sophistication that goes into websites in this day and age is quite remarkable. In this article we look at why the user experience is so important when it comes to website design.

So what exactly is user experience, well like the name suggests user experience is how the user feels when they land on your website. Does your website allow them to find the information they need, is it easy to navigate etc.

User experience or in the industry is commonly called UX is a very important factor to take into consideration when designing a new website. UX allows you to give the user what they want, when they want it. If you get your UX right then your customers will love using your website which will lead to an increase in sales, but if you get it wrong your customers will hate using your site, causing you to lose money.


What Makes Good Content For Your Small Business Website?

download (26)As I realize that there are many articles written on this subject matter, it is my responsibility to make sure that the readers are introduced to new ideas as to what makes great content for their business websites. It is obviously important to keep your sentences short and simple as this will keep the reader engaged. It is also important to use as less content as possible as the reader may not process it all, especially if they plan to simply browse the site. With that in mind, here are two keys to writing great content for your business website:

#1: Focus On Anchor Text And Links

Anchor text is an excellent way to put a subtle emphasis on certain keywords that you want the reader to pay attention to. It’s also an excellent way to help your website get noticed on search engines for certain keywords. Anchor text helps direct the reader to a different part of the site that may speak to that topic or another site. The key with effective anchor text is to focus on the keywords that you want the

Realty Websites – Market Your Companies On The Web

download (25)Being a realtor, your primary goal is to market as many properties as possible to progress. To engage more clients, you should promote your businesses and fliers appear to be a good idea however these are location specific. You should appeal to a broader range of individuals and the internet is the most ideal platform for that. Because the internet has become so accessible, there are a lot of individuals who can be informed of your business. Seek the services of a web developing organization which focuses on creating real estate sites. There are some points which you should keep in mind whenever you make contact with any such company.

1. Appealing Designs

Having a site for your real estate businesses is an ideal way for advertising yourself as well as providing your clients with a great way to get in touch with you. In terms of the design for your site, there is a need for ideas which you may have come across. Designers essentially have a selection for the layouts for the sites and you need to choose from them. Nevertheless, there

Why Should Your Business Give Buyers Freedom Of Shoe Designing

download (24)Customers are the king. They have been the same for ages. Their status has not dimmed a bit even in today’s time when technology advancements are rapid. Businesses across industry verticals try to keep their customers as happy as they could possibly do. They take every imaginable step to serve their customers in an efficient manner and cater to their evolving tastes and preferences. In a way, it’s all about keeping pace with the evolving trends in the market together with finding ways to take care of buyers’ discerning and ever-changing likes and dislikes. No business can survive without treating their customers better.

Take for example, buyers today are not happy with only online shopping of their favourite brand of shoes. Despite having all the ease and one-click-away shopping benefits, buyers certainly want more, they want something different. In simple terms, the buyers of today want to design their own shoes. They want to customize their own footwear. And they want to add personal touches to the product of their choice, including footwear. In a way, buyers want sellers to make available to them

Who’d Win A Fight To The Death, A Web Designer Or Marketer?

download (23)Once upon a time there lived two knights.

One was called Ryan, the other Damon.

Ryan was what you’d describe as a “pretty boy”. He had blonde shoulder length hair, smooth skin, and a smile that made the women of his town weak at the knees.

Damon on the other hand was rougher looking. He had a scar across his forehead he’d picked up in a tavern brawl a year earlier. Even though he had a thick beard and a chest full of hair, the hair on top of his head had all but fallen out.

But there were two things the knights had in common…

First, they both knew how to fight… Ryan an expert with the sword, Damon an axe-wielding brute.

Secondly, they both wanted to marry the Lord of their town’s daughter, Patsy.

Of course, only one could, and the Lord wanted his daughter to marry the strongest man who could protect her best. So the Lord had an idea…

The two knights would fight each other to the death…

The victor winning his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Anyway, the day of the fight came.

The town folk all came

How To Design And Create Attractive Banner Ads For Your Business?

images (9)Having a website is not enough. Having a feature-rich website too won’t help beyond a point. More than a website, you will need to market your business properly. You need to advertise your products and services on the internet. You need to reach to the target audience. And you need to interact with customers on a regular basis. Any gain to your business is only possible when it engages with its target audience. In a way, your marketing efforts should be directed towards catching the attention of the target audience. This is how you can grow the base of the business.

So, what is the easiest way to catch the attention of your target audience? More so, how to deliver to the audience a stream of engaging and interactive content to keep them hooked and then convert them into prospects? Well, it all boils down to how well you advertise, promote and market your business and its element across channels on the internet. Since there are many methods and tools for marketing, you need find the one that suits your needs and budget perfectly.

Follow Designing Principles and Make Your Website Productive

images (8)It’s never easy to win the trust and confidence of users on the internet. The task becomes even tougher in cases where businesses don’t have a great website. After all, a website is often the first point of contact between users and businesses on the internet. A website should have good design and it should follow all designing principles to create a winning impression on users. In a way, there are certain specific things on the front of designing that websites should keep in mind to realize their true potential. Without knowing and following those designing principles, no website would ever succeed on the internet.

The first thing web designers should keep in mind is that, websites should have responsive design. Only such designs to help them reach more users, and convert them into prospects. Such designs are uniform and consistent across devices and screen sizes, thereby giving businesses more exposure and reach among the target audience. The second important thing is to keep home page as clean as possible. Which means, the home page should not bear a cluttered look and it should

Catch Eyeballs on the Internet With a Perfect Design for Your Website

download (21)Yes, it’s true that a lot of eyeballs can be grabbed with a website that has perfect design. Achieving this perfection however won’t be that easy as only experienced designers can do that. It’s therefore important for your business to not only understand the role of design but also hire only expert designers to make a solid impression on users. Since designing is all about the visual aspect of the website, it will have the potential to catch the attention on an immediate basis and help serve the purpose of the business. With charming and appealing aesthetics, websites command more attention and get more traffic in the end.

So, first of all, you should hire a designer who understands the dynamics and the arts behind keeping the home page as clean as possible. The home page is where visitors land at the most and if it’s not of about quality, your website theme will surely lose a lot of prospects. The home page should look neat and tidy, which means, it should not have a cluttered look-and-feel. It should neither be stuffed with a

5 Latest Trends in Website Designing for More Traffic

download (22)With more and more websites getting online, it has become really difficult to manage a good visibility over the internet. It is now a challenge to stay ahead all the time. So how can we do that? Not all of us can afford a magic stick that can literally transform to something unbelievable. However, we have the technology and good designing techniques. So, yes we need to work on our websites all the time and especially need to follow the trend that will keep the websites good-looking forever.

Let us now check the newest trends in website designing that will help us to have a good traffic in this year –

1. Split Screens are in Trend

Layouts are changing and so is the concept of the users. The newest trend in the layout is split screens. The concept is to keep the screen flat, which means you will just need to scroll up and down. If the website has information that will interest different kind of users, then this layout will help to keep things simple, yet beautiful to look at.

This layout is best for

Important Web Design Strategies to Transform Visitors Into Paying Customers

download (18)The main reason why businesses build their own site is to make sure that online visitors will be converted into buying customers.

While your aesthetically-pleasing business site may be getting lots of traffic, if you are not successful in turning visitors into customers, you are just wasting money on design, development and marketing.

Several web design aspects play a critical role when it comes to the success of converting visitors into customers. Even the tiniest detail could make the difference in making potential customers become paying customers for your competition.

When you want to design a site that has high conversions, take the following components into consideration:

Provide Site Navigation that is User-Friendly and Intuitive

At times, visitors leave a site even if it is visually appealing, rich in content, SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly. What could be the probable reason behind this?

Navigation is the answer.

According to studies, navigation that is not user-friendly is one of the major reasons why a website loses customers. When your site’s navigation is not well-designed or organized, it is more likely for visitors to leave your site. This bounce rate will have a considerable

Picking The Right Font Style For Your Small Business Website

download (19)When you think of the different aspects of web design for your business website, font style may not be the first thing on your mind, but it is important. Font style is your opportunity to present your business’s style and image in many different respects. But picking the right font style for your site is never an easy decision. This article will present some criteria that you might consider when deciding on a font style for your website.

#1: Look For A Style That Is In Line With Your Business’s Image

You will obviously have to take some time to think about what kind of image you would like your business to have. Once you have found out what kind of image you want your business to have, one of the important steps is to find out what kind of font would be best suited for your business. For example, if you decide to run your own newspaper, you would definitely want to consider a style usually aligned with a newspaper. You might look to other newspapers for inspiration. Whatever the case may be, it’s

Web Design for Small Businesses – What Not to Do

download (20)A website is an essential part of every small-scale business’ marketing and branding efforts. Visitors land on your website for a particular reason. So, you want to make sure that you are able to answer their queries and sell your product/service through your website.

If you make a mistake in designing your website, you can initially lose thousands of dollars, and even lose more in potential revenue, which you could have gained from a well designed website that functions properly.

Avoid the following mistakes commonly made by business owners to develop your bottom line:

Prioritizing Urgency Instead of Knowing Your Target Market

Rather than focusing on the fast completion of your website, you have to research about the audience you aim to target in your particular market. Thereafter, you can design your website based on your research.

As an example, if you want to target older people, your text should have a larger font size. If your product caters to younger individuals, your site should be compatible with Smartphones and mobile gadgets.

Also, you need to determine where visitors will go once they land on your site. This is

5 Essential Elements Of A Website

images (7)A website is a must for creating your online presence over the World Wide Web. It allows you to connect with your customer from any part of the world. Designing is an art and not a work of every single person. It requires some specialized knowledge and capability to think out-of-the-box to meet your steps with the current demand of the market. There are so many elements include while designing a website that can quickly capture the attention of the customer and satisfy them in all manners. Scroll down to know about 5 essential elements of a website; you should take into consideration while designing it.

Choose a domain name: First of all; you have to choose the domain name of your site. A domain name is a part of the network address, which is used to identify one or more IP address. This is the main web address of your website, so, while selecting it, you have to give it special attention. Always try to choose a name which is easy to read, remember and contain at least one main keyword. This may

Does Your Website Design Produce the Leads You Want?

download (17)When a website design converts, this means that the design lets your website become more efficient in making sales and getting leads. Most of what is presented in this article entails service types of business (dedicated to educators, plumbers, electricians etc.), and not so much about e-commerce. As we go over them, write down if you have got it or not and whether or not you are putting it into practice, since that may help you arrive at an action list of things you need to apply on your site.

10-Second Rule

The first one on the list is called the 10-second rule. When a visitor lands on your website, they are not deciding if they should buy or not. They are deciding on whether they would stay or go. Also, the 10-second rule is, in reality, closer to five seconds nowadays based on a person’s attention span. Your objective should be to let visitors know who you are, what your work is, and the benefit offered by your brand or business.

Primary Course of Action

You do not only need a primary course of action on

Web Design Tips for a Successful Small Business Website

download (15)When small businesses are about to build their first website, some of them hire the services of local developers while others turn to agencies or sometimes feel challenged to do it on their own. We are willing to help those who are confident enough to build their own website.

Now, what are the common errors that many businesses make in designing their site? Do they lack content or have too much of it? Are elements too close or too far from one another? Is it difficult to navigate the website because of inconsistencies in color? There must be some mistake and you need to find them.


Your small business website will typically have several pages, containing contact info, a sitemap, about us sections – which are essential, but many of them will meet their own needs. However, it is only through content that people can learn about your business.

What you need to do is make sure that the content displayed on your website reads well and makes sense. When you take things like content for granted, it may mean that you will also take other

Web Design Focused on Selling

download (16)More businesses have transferred their services online and, as they started to experience the Internet world, there has been a greater need for websites that are designed to sell. Though an eye-catching website may accomplish the purpose of developing a strong brand, good looks on their own are not enough to sell the products/services being offered. You need to incorporate the element of marketing.

Avoid Choice Paralysis

There is a marketing phenomenon called “choice paralysis”. This occurs when the users are provided with too many choices. While giving an option is great, customers may become confused when presented with several choices. No one wants a buyer’s regret, wherein he/she chooses a product then changes his/her mind later on. When customers spend more time than usual in selecting an item, they become paralyzed.

If customers are given too many choices, this causes them to avoid a particular service or task in most cases (Paradox of Choice), and this is what designers should keep in mind when it comes to designs.

As a solution to choice paralysis, make it simpler for consumers to find the product/service that best suits

Web Design Tips for Small Businesses

download (14)Add Contact Details

Visitors should be able to contact you, so make sure that your phone number is displayed clearly on top and bottom of all pages. Add your email address, and if possible, your place of business in the footer, at the bottom bar of each page. Create a page with all your contact information, including a map, direction, operating hours, and leave a portion in which visitors can fill out their personal information.

Make Your Brand Look Professional and Consistent

Animated graphics and smiley faces should be used in your emails to friends instead of your website, since the latter should look professional to reflect your brand. It is best to choose the same colors as your logo. Use one or two font sizes consistently throughout the site. Graphics and photos should also look professional and complement one another. When in doubt, make it simple.

Simplify Navigation on Your Site

Make navigation buttons/tabs consistent on all pages. As earlier mentioned, facilitate navigation by means of the F-shaped reading pattern with the use of links, buttons or tabs positioned on the top or left part of the