What Makes Good Content For Your Small Business Website?

download (26)As I realize that there are many articles written on this subject matter, it is my responsibility to make sure that the readers are introduced to new ideas as to what makes great content for their business websites. It is obviously important to keep your sentences short and simple as this will keep the reader engaged. It is also important to use as less content as possible as the reader may not process it all, especially if they plan to simply browse the site. With that in mind, here are two keys to writing great content for your business website:

#1: Focus On Anchor Text And Links

Anchor text is an excellent way to put a subtle emphasis on certain keywords that you want the reader to pay attention to. It’s also an excellent way to help your website get noticed on search engines for certain keywords. Anchor text helps direct the reader to a different part of the site that may speak to that topic or another site. The key with effective anchor text is to focus on the keywords that you want the search engines to pick up on as well as the words that you want the reader to pay attention to. This is also a good method if your website has a lot of webpages and you wish to direct the reader to the specific webpage regarding your topic.

#2: Engage The Reader By Speaking To Them Directly

It is always important to determine who you are targeting with the content on your website and tailor your content accordingly. If you are an entertainment company looking to entertain kids, you need to write your content in a manner that speaks to their parents since they are the ones who will be reading your content. This might mean making references to the various aspects of parenthood or posting pictures of parents having a good time with their kids. It will be up to you, the business owner, to determine what this market is.

A word of caution: you must always be careful not to get too personal with your language. Even though you may be speaking to a casual audience, you should never use casual language. You are a business and your language needs to reflect a formal but understandable tone.


Realty Websites – Market Your Companies On The Web

download (25)Being a realtor, your primary goal is to market as many properties as possible to progress. To engage more clients, you should promote your businesses and fliers appear to be a good idea however these are location specific. You should appeal to a broader range of individuals and the internet is the most ideal platform for that. Because the internet has become so accessible, there are a lot of individuals who can be informed of your business. Seek the services of a web developing organization which focuses on creating real estate sites. There are some points which you should keep in mind whenever you make contact with any such company.

1. Appealing Designs

Having a site for your real estate businesses is an ideal way for advertising yourself as well as providing your clients with a great way to get in touch with you. In terms of the design for your site, there is a need for ideas which you may have come across. Designers essentially have a selection for the layouts for the sites and you need to choose from them. Nevertheless, there are some web designers that allow you to work with them to make a special design for the homepage. You can pick the colors, style and include some links to the pages as you like.

2. Convenience for Customers

First of all, your site ought to be user-friendly with effortless navigation and easy access to the details. Provide your customers all the details through your site. On each listing, you must add a minimum of 20 photos so that your customers will be able to make a better decision. Put all the pertinent information regarding the properties and the nearby areas too.

3. Develop Trust through Recommendations

Prior to contacting a realty websites development company, individuals usually look for reasons to employ a specific one. They will go to your sites, obtain every detail of your work, but still might not know exactly how good you are. Provide your present customers an opportunity to tell the prospective ones why they have a preference for your services. Include a testimonials page to your site and have your customers recommend your services. In case your present customers rave about your outstanding services, your visitors are going to be convinced. The testimonials ought to be benefit-driven meaning that they must leave a good impact on the site visitors.

4. SEO Tools

To boost your profits, the visitors to your site must to be converted into customers and to obtain more visitors, you require the proper tools to optimize your web visibility. When you select a realty website development company, ensure that they offer effective SEO solutions. All the pages must be optimized such that they acquire top positions on the first page of search engine results. Get in touch with an organization that offers realty website SEO solutions.

There are lots of other methods to market your real estate business; it is crucial to think creatively.

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Why Should Your Business Give Buyers Freedom Of Shoe Designing

download (24)Customers are the king. They have been the same for ages. Their status has not dimmed a bit even in today’s time when technology advancements are rapid. Businesses across industry verticals try to keep their customers as happy as they could possibly do. They take every imaginable step to serve their customers in an efficient manner and cater to their evolving tastes and preferences. In a way, it’s all about keeping pace with the evolving trends in the market together with finding ways to take care of buyers’ discerning and ever-changing likes and dislikes. No business can survive without treating their customers better.

Take for example, buyers today are not happy with only online shopping of their favourite brand of shoes. Despite having all the ease and one-click-away shopping benefits, buyers certainly want more, they want something different. In simple terms, the buyers of today want to design their own shoes. They want to customize their own footwear. And they want to add personal touches to the product of their choice, including footwear. In a way, buyers want sellers to make available to them the freedom of designing their own product rather than relying on their stock only. This is something sellers have to look into to stay alive in the market.

Although buyers have the option of browsing through hundreds of thousands of product categories, they still feel like lacking the most basic privilege they should – designing their own shoes. Slowly yet steadily, more buyers now understand the inherent benefits of product designing which means, sellers can’t ignore this demand for long. So, what options do sellers have to meet this unique type of requirement of buyers? Or, how should they plan or what should then enrich the business to make to beneficial to buyers? The only solution is to let buyers display their creative side and design their own shoes.

So, sellers need to explore the market and browse through the category of tools of software available to help buyers design and customize their products. They need to find and integrate with the business only a highly advanced tool so that buyers would love the designing experience. They tool should be such to work on 3D technology and provide a 360 degree view for designing purposes. There are some top tools helping buyers view all angles of the product while designing and customize each and every layer of the shoe. More so, some businesses have now started using fast and responsive tools to help buyers in their pursuit.

In addition, there are some really amazing products in the market which not only give buyers designing benefits but also to select their own fabric, leather, colour, embellishments, texture etc. Few of these tools in fact also have real images so that buyers can get a genuine look-and-feel of the designing and their final outcome. More so, buyers have the option of changing many aspects of their shoe, including the toe, back and heel. Given all these excellent features, it’d not be a surprise if more buyers started loving these tools and designed shoes in meet their varied specifications.

In a nutshell, your business must understand the changing tides in the market and take right steps to adapt itself according to the evolving times. If it did not, it would then surely lose a big chunk of its customer base which might cause the business to collapse. So, the right strategy should be to trust the category of top-selling shoe designer software and get a tool that brings designing freedom to your customers or buyers and help expand their horizon and choices.

Who’d Win A Fight To The Death, A Web Designer Or Marketer?

download (23)Once upon a time there lived two knights.

One was called Ryan, the other Damon.

Ryan was what you’d describe as a “pretty boy”. He had blonde shoulder length hair, smooth skin, and a smile that made the women of his town weak at the knees.

Damon on the other hand was rougher looking. He had a scar across his forehead he’d picked up in a tavern brawl a year earlier. Even though he had a thick beard and a chest full of hair, the hair on top of his head had all but fallen out.

But there were two things the knights had in common…

First, they both knew how to fight… Ryan an expert with the sword, Damon an axe-wielding brute.

Secondly, they both wanted to marry the Lord of their town’s daughter, Patsy.

Of course, only one could, and the Lord wanted his daughter to marry the strongest man who could protect her best. So the Lord had an idea…

The two knights would fight each other to the death…

The victor winning his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Anyway, the day of the fight came.

The town folk all came out of their homes to see the big fight. There was a real sense of anticipation around the place.

But, as the two knights faced each other preparing for battle, there was one noticeable difference between them.

Whilst Damon was covered head to toe in incredibly thick-looking steel armour, Ryan was completely bare-chested, only wearing some loose-fitted trousers.

It wasn’t hard for the people of the town to know why Ryan was wearing so little.

He was a renowned show-off. And what better chance to show off than Patsy getting to see him fight topless against an iron-clad brute.

Anyway, the fight began.

Damon tried multiple times to swing his axe down upon Ryan… but Ryan was quick on his feet and made easy work of avoiding Damon’s attacks.

After a while, it was clear to see Damon was tiring.

Ryan seized his opportunity.

He ducked under one of Damon’s swings and swung his sword into the brute’s stomach…

Only it rebounded off his armour.

So Ryan tried again… and again… and again…

But to no avail.

He could see no weak points in Damon’s armour.

Then “SWOOSH”.

A thousand gasps filled the air as the town folk looked on as Ryan’s headless body spasmed on its way to hitting the ground… his head rolling through the mud, eyes still wide open.

Damon had won.

Even though Ryan had been by far the better fighter.

The only difference between the two of them was their protection.

Damon’s armour had saved his life multiple times. He didn’t care about looking “pretty” during the fight. He just cared about “performing”.

The complete opposite could be said for Ryan.

And after that…

Damon and Patsy lived happily ever after…


What a beautifully light-hearted story, hey…

Anyway, believe it or not, I haven’t just told you that to entertain you.

There certainly IS a moral to the story.

And it’s one that could stop your business from dying a long and painful death… and instead see it blossom.

So what is the moral?

Well… it’s that you should never get a web designer to build your website. Instead, you should ONLY ever get someone who understands marketing to do it. Or better yet, do it yourself.

The reason being’s a simple one.

Web designers only know how to make websites look “pretty”. Whereas marketers know how to make websites “perform”.

In other words, the web designer is Ryan.

Whilst the marketer is Damon.

So now you’re probably asking “Just how do you make a website perform instead of just making it look pretty?”

Let me explaineth, ye olde squire…

The ONLY reason you should have a website should be to capture email addresses.

Let me say that again because it’s that important…

The ONLY reason you should have a website should be to capture email addresses.

And the best marketers know this…

Yet web designers don’t have a clue… They’re too busy making their websites look all “cute ‘n fluffy”.

You need to make your website perform

The good news for you?

I certainly know how to make a website “perform”.

And I’ll share this secret with YOU in a future “Emails on Fire” newsletter.

It costs £99/month. But in the meantime, you can get a FREE issue right now.