Does Your Website Design Produce the Leads You Want?

download (17)When a website design converts, this means that the design lets your website become more efficient in making sales and getting leads. Most of what is presented in this article entails service types of business (dedicated to educators, plumbers, electricians etc.), and not so much about e-commerce. As we go over them, write down if you have got it or not and whether or not you are putting it into practice, since that may help you arrive at an action list of things you need to apply on your site.

10-Second Rule

The first one on the list is called the 10-second rule. When a visitor lands on your website, they are not deciding if they should buy or not. They are deciding on whether they would stay or go. Also, the 10-second rule is, in reality, closer to five seconds nowadays based on a person’s attention span. Your objective should be to let visitors know who you are, what your work is, and the benefit offered by your brand or business.

Primary Course of Action

You do not only need a primary course of action on your homepage, but also on all the content pages of your website. You need to focus on the primary course of action you want your visitors to take on a particular page, and the other course of action, if there is one.

Direct to the Point Information

A lot of online businesses lose their former/potential customers because of too much information. Certainly, you want your customers to learn a lot about your company, products plus all your policies. At times, though, it is best to just mention key points that will entice customers, and link up additional info if ever a visitor feels the need to explore the subject matter even further.

Non-Intrusive Offers

When you say non-intrusive, what does this really mean? This just means that it is important not to spam customers with the items offered on your site. Marketing is an essential part of your business, and whenever you have a sale or offer trials, make them visible to customers – but make sure to do it in a pleasant way by means of colors and images, since these are vital. However, do not scare them off or spam them with pop-ups or too flashy images. Provide them with the trial they want.

Pictures and Colors that Look Inviting

Colors have the ability to stimulate our senses, while pictures influence us into making our final decisions. When you choose the colors that best suit your site, this does not mean that you will use your favorite colors, but those that will look inviting to your customers. Always think about the audience you want to target. If you are selling car parts, you would not opt for a shocking pink layout. Also, you should not use colors only because they match each – other such as black and pink – then lay the red company logo above, along with every contrast available on Photoshop. Also avoid using images that are too intrusive.