Important Web Design Strategies to Transform Visitors Into Paying Customers

download (18)The main reason why businesses build their own site is to make sure that online visitors will be converted into buying customers.

While your aesthetically-pleasing business site may be getting lots of traffic, if you are not successful in turning visitors into customers, you are just wasting money on design, development and marketing.

Several web design aspects play a critical role when it comes to the success of converting visitors into customers. Even the tiniest detail could make the difference in making potential customers become paying customers for your competition.

When you want to design a site that has high conversions, take the following components into consideration:

Provide Site Navigation that is User-Friendly and Intuitive

At times, visitors leave a site even if it is visually appealing, rich in content, SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly. What could be the probable reason behind this?

Navigation is the answer.

According to studies, navigation that is not user-friendly is one of the major reasons why a website loses customers. When your site’s navigation is not well-designed or organized, it is more likely for visitors to leave your site. This bounce rate will have a considerable negative effect on your search rankings.

It is, therefore, important for web-designers to create user-friendly and intuitive navigation.

Be Transparent and Trustworthy

Would you buy from a site you don’t trust?

Trust is a critical factor that businesses should keep in mind when they want to become successful, especially when it comes to the online world. People can easily come up with an opinion about your website.

Therefore, in this short span of time, how can you make sure that you are encountering a legitimate business you can count on?

One of the effective ways to look professional and trustworthy to visitors is by prominently showing the testimonials and feedback of customers, including privacy trust seals, showing a live Twitter feed, among others, on your site. Your business sales will ultimately improve because of credibility.

Integrate Social Media

This is simple common-sense. The use of social media has increased in the past recent years. Surely, you work hard to be active on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and other popular social platforms. However, to maximize the benefit from your online presence on these social media channels it is very important for your business website to point to these channels.

To receive tangible results from social media, include a Facebook link/plugin, which lets visitors see who among their friends likes your site. In addition, make sure that all your site’s pages have easy-to-access social media buttons.

Easy-to-Access Contact Information

Consider the situation wherein a potential customer visits your site that is aesthetically appealing, easy-to-use and offers all the information he/she needs. After being very impressed with your site, he is ready to do business and likes to contact you. However, he cannot find information such as your phone number, office address or email address on your site, which leaves him with no option but to leave and navigate to your competition.