Who’d Win A Fight To The Death, A Web Designer Or Marketer?

download (23)Once upon a time there lived two knights.

One was called Ryan, the other Damon.

Ryan was what you’d describe as a “pretty boy”. He had blonde shoulder length hair, smooth skin, and a smile that made the women of his town weak at the knees.

Damon on the other hand was rougher looking. He had a scar across his forehead he’d picked up in a tavern brawl a year earlier. Even though he had a thick beard and a chest full of hair, the hair on top of his head had all but fallen out.

But there were two things the knights had in common…

First, they both knew how to fight… Ryan an expert with the sword, Damon an axe-wielding brute.

Secondly, they both wanted to marry the Lord of their town’s daughter, Patsy.

Of course, only one could, and the Lord wanted his daughter to marry the strongest man who could protect her best. So the Lord had an idea…

The two knights would fight each other to the death…

The victor winning his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Anyway, the day of the fight came.

The town folk all came out of their homes to see the big fight. There was a real sense of anticipation around the place.

But, as the two knights faced each other preparing for battle, there was one noticeable difference between them.

Whilst Damon was covered head to toe in incredibly thick-looking steel armour, Ryan was completely bare-chested, only wearing some loose-fitted trousers.

It wasn’t hard for the people of the town to know why Ryan was wearing so little.

He was a renowned show-off. And what better chance to show off than Patsy getting to see him fight topless against an iron-clad brute.

Anyway, the fight began.

Damon tried multiple times to swing his axe down upon Ryan… but Ryan was quick on his feet and made easy work of avoiding Damon’s attacks.

After a while, it was clear to see Damon was tiring.

Ryan seized his opportunity.

He ducked under one of Damon’s swings and swung his sword into the brute’s stomach…

Only it rebounded off his armour.

So Ryan tried again… and again… and again…

But to no avail.

He could see no weak points in Damon’s armour.

Then “SWOOSH”.

A thousand gasps filled the air as the town folk looked on as Ryan’s headless body spasmed on its way to hitting the ground… his head rolling through the mud, eyes still wide open.

Damon had won.

Even though Ryan had been by far the better fighter.

The only difference between the two of them was their protection.

Damon’s armour had saved his life multiple times. He didn’t care about looking “pretty” during the fight. He just cared about “performing”.

The complete opposite could be said for Ryan.

And after that…

Damon and Patsy lived happily ever after…


What a beautifully light-hearted story, hey…

Anyway, believe it or not, I haven’t just told you that to entertain you.

There certainly IS a moral to the story.

And it’s one that could stop your business from dying a long and painful death… and instead see it blossom.

So what is the moral?

Well… it’s that you should never get a web designer to build your website. Instead, you should ONLY ever get someone who understands marketing to do it. Or better yet, do it yourself.

The reason being’s a simple one.

Web designers only know how to make websites look “pretty”. Whereas marketers know how to make websites “perform”.

In other words, the web designer is Ryan.

Whilst the marketer is Damon.

So now you’re probably asking “Just how do you make a website perform instead of just making it look pretty?”

Let me explaineth, ye olde squire…

The ONLY reason you should have a website should be to capture email addresses.

Let me say that again because it’s that important…

The ONLY reason you should have a website should be to capture email addresses.

And the best marketers know this…

Yet web designers don’t have a clue… They’re too busy making their websites look all “cute ‘n fluffy”.

You need to make your website perform

The good news for you?

I certainly know how to make a website “perform”.

And I’ll share this secret with YOU in a future “Emails on Fire” newsletter.

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