5 Latest Trends in Website Designing for More Traffic

download (22)With more and more websites getting online, it has become really difficult to manage a good visibility over the internet. It is now a challenge to stay ahead all the time. So how can we do that? Not all of us can afford a magic stick that can literally transform to something unbelievable. However, we have the technology and good designing techniques. So, yes we need to work on our websites all the time and especially need to follow the trend that will keep the websites good-looking forever.

Let us now check the newest trends in website designing that will help us to have a good traffic in this year –

1. Split Screens are in Trend

Layouts are changing and so is the concept of the users. The newest trend in the layout is split screens. The concept is to keep the screen flat, which means you will just need to scroll up and down. If the website has information that will interest different kind of users, then this layout will help to keep things simple, yet beautiful to look at.

This layout is best for retailers and is also good for restaurants. The split screen will help the restaurant owners to give information about the brand on one side and help in displaying the restaurant menu on the other side.

Even though the split screen is becoming more popular every day, it is also true that single screens will still remain a favorite of designers. A single screen with an amazing picture at the background will always attract users and generate traffic.

2. Scrolling Design

Users are more comfortable in scrolling down their tablet or mobile screen when it comes to looking through a website over the internet. So, yes, if you want to attract more users, update your site today with scrolling functionality.

3. Use Animation

No matter what is the age of your user, they will always love animation in a website. There are many websites today that offer free animation making. So, yes, you can use this feature and carry out that on your site. The animation increases interaction on your website.

4. Use Hidden Navigation

You don’t need to rely on a long navigation menu now, as it is the time to change that with hidden navigation feature. Yes, this is much cleaner than a long and tedious menu that features all the elements of your website. Keep it hidden and attract more users.

5. Have Responsive Website

You might already know the benefits of having a responsive design, but it is time that you make it for real. A responsive design always helps you to support the brand identity in all devices. Whether your user has a desktop or a mobile or a tablet, a responsive design will always help to entertainer the user.